Building easy to navigate pathways to gainful employment for under-resourced communities

Our Why

Our Mission

We make it easier for job seekers from underserved communities to find and stay on a fulfilling career pathway to financial security.


We stand for a world where a person’s barriers, zip code, and history do not unfairly define the careers they can create and the life they’re destined to live!

Our Values

  • Break Barriers and Create Opportunity
  • Strive to Improve, as Innovators and as Individuals
  • Respect One Another and Our Differences
  • Be Open to - and with - Others

How Do We Rise? Together.

RiseKit ensures workers from under-resource communities can access a workforce system purpose-built to help them navigate their pathway to achieving financial security. We do this by providing the toolkits to workforce system stakeholders - government agencies, funders, employment service providers, and employers - to enable them to coordinate their efforts to provide a predictable, and impactful end-to-end experience for workers along their employment journey.

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