RiseKit: A One-Stop Shop for Jobseekers
June 30, 2020
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Successfully establishing its roots in Chicago, RiseKit continues to expand its influence into numerous cities as the company helps jobseekers secure quality fit jobs.

Designed to be an easily navigable software network, the platform facilitates connections between job candidates to non-profit resources such as transportation, housing, job development, and workforce programs. Individuals looking to kick start their careers or to make a change in their employment opportunities can easily sign up for their services for free.

Custom profiles are designed to track progress, attendance, automate case management notes and create defined career paths forward. From there, candidates are then connected to quality jobs with partnered employers who are committed to diversity in hiring practices and community social impact.

RiseKit is not just another job board. Since launching their platform, it has shifted the market in Chicago by providing access to resources and connecting employers to employees. Their mission emphasizes the importance of hiring locally and adding positive value to overlooked communities.

Since partnering with numerous employers and nonprofits in Chicago and across the nation, RiseKit has identified leaders in the space of workforce development. The company encourages social innovation so that communities and employers can grow together.

RiseKit is a one-stop platform for overlooked jobseekers during any point of their hiring process, whether it is seeking resources to develop a personalized resume or to secure transportation resources in order to attend career fairs.

As RiseKit continues to grow, its team is dedicated to solving barriers to employment for overlooked communities. The company is excited to expand into new markets and cities with continuously growing partnerships. Identifying and working with community leaders, RiseKit is proud of the impact it has had on the communities that it serves, and to continue to create positive social impact in the industries that it influences!

Written by: Elizabeth Zhou