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Your solution as a Government or Foundation Team Member

You commit to innovative solutions to help underrepresented community members, but have trouble breaking down the silos and measuring a social return on your investment.

Together, let’s change the narrative around someone’s zip code

RiseKit’s software increases capacity by breaking down the silos to more efficiently connect participants to jobs, training programs and supportive services so that underrepresented job-seekers can rise above barriers to employment.

For Government and Foundations, our software helps you:

Break down the silos and increase social capital for underrepresented

We believe that every resident deserves equal access to opportunities. With RiseKit, we help make that possible

Share opportunities across your nonprofit partners and grantees

Increase capacity and collaboration across your grantees, community and city. In return, you will more efficiently and productively support countless residents to reach economic mobility.

Measure real-time collective impact

In real-time, RiseKit allows governments, grantmakers and foundations to assess efficacy and impact. This data can be used for resource allocation, policy and advocacy.
Our Movement Has Just Started.

Here’s Our Collective Impact With Governments, Nonprofits, Employers and Foundations:

Employer & Nonprofit Accounts

Job Seekers

340+ Job Seekers Placed In Training Programs

Job Placements

Average Annualized Salary

Success Stories

"Thank you to the RiseKit community for this blessing you've placed in my life!"

-Michelle M.
Chicago resident,
signed up through Phalanx and got a job through Cara Connects

"I want to thank the RiseKit community for helping me get a job and covering my phone bill."

-Lior S.
Chicago resident, secured a job at mHUB

Here’s How We Are Already Making An Impact With Nonprofits, Governments and Communities:

Year Up’s mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by ensuring that young adults gain the skills, experiences, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through careers and higher education.
AIDS Foundation Of Chicago
The Safe and Sound Return Partnership (SSRP) is a three-year program that will help coordinate services for returning citizens living with HIV and AIDS. SSRP will leverage the existing infrastructure of AFC’s Correction Program, which has partners within the Cermak Health Services/Cook County Jail, Cook County’s public health system while strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new collaborations.
Teamwork Englewood
Teamwork Englewood's mission is to improve the quality of life of the residents and stakeholders of Englewood by facilitating economic, educational and social opportunities.
Defy Ventures
Defy’s entrepreneurial programs equip formally incarcerated individuals with new skills, new connections, and a new belief to match their new purpose, and succeed in their new life of economic independence. Their vision is to cut recidivism in half by leveraging entrepreneurship to increase economic opportunities + transform lives.
Community Council of Greater Dallas
Hughes Foundation
Grow Your Impact

"Underserved communities keep getting more underserved. RiseKit can be a way to even the playing field."
-Xavier H

We help communities increase their impact with:

Recruiting participants

Finding and connecting community members with one easy link.

Your own job and resource board

Our software increases social capital of your participant and alumni. It also integrates with resources such as job boards and directories like Indeed, as well as supportive services in your city.

Tracking participants and referrals

We keep track of things for you, such as when someone registers for an event, is interested in a job or program, and even the barriers they face. All so you can best support them.

Creating workflows and career pathways

RiseKit will share well designed and crafted success stories of placements and residents that reached economic mobility.

Digitalizing the intake process

Nonprofits spend up to 20% of their time having paper become digital.

Collaborative resume building

Participants (or you) can upload their resumes, and you can edit it live.

Matching to supportive services and jobs

Increase capacity through RiseKit’s deep and growing network.

Measuring impact

We deliver you reports and summaries of what you have accomplished.

Increasing capacity

RiseKit’s customer success team and network will increase access for low-income residents access to supportive services, jobs and mentors

Innovating & Measuring Community Policing

Policing has transformed into Community Policing. What if there was a way to measure which police officer makes the most impact?

Sharing success stories

Create workflows across your programs and community to show a step-by-step process toward positive employment outcomes and economic mobility.


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