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We started this resource hub full of a network of hiring employers and support services because we listened to the Chicagoans who need it the most. We know that when you need help, your government should be the place you turn to get the assistance you need without the runaround and red tape that is usually found when working with government agencies.

Our delegation of over 50 agencies offers services for moms, veterans, returning citizens, those looking for mental health services, or those who know they need help but are unsure what their options are. If you’re having trouble navigating the site, please visit our support page, and we’ll take it from there. 

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"Thank you to the RiseKit community for this blessing you've placed in my life!"

-Michelle M.
Chicago resident,
signed up through Phalanx and got a job through Cara Connects

"I want to thank the RiseKit community for helping me get a job and covering my phone bill."

-Lior S.
Chicago resident, secured a job at mHUB
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