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About Us

We started this resource hub full of a network of hiring employers and support services because we listened to the Chicagoans who need it the most. We know that when you need help, your government should be the place you turn to get the assistance you need without the runaround and red tape that is usually found when working with government agencies.

Our delegation of over 50 agencies offers services for moms, veterans, returning citizens, those looking for mental health services, or those who know they need help but are unsure what their options are. If you’re having trouble navigating the site, please visit our support page, and we’ll take it from there. 

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Success Stories
Tramon Lee

RiseKit client Tramon Lee is an excellent example of how hard work can help you make better choices in life. He faced multiple barriers to employment due to his involvement with the justice system, and RiseKit’s Career Navigator helped him remove those barriers through upskilling, training, and determining his short-term and long-term goals. He is now in the application process for several paid, reentry workforce development programs.

Tramon no longer feels overwhelmed due to having RiseKit in his corner and appreciates the simplicity of its technology. He also loves the text messaging function and the fact that he can communicate with the company from the comfort of his cell phone.

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams came to RiseKit concerned about age discrimination. She was having financial difficulties and worried that no company would take a chance on her because of her age. RiseKit’s Career Navigator helped Sharon update her resume and get the interview training she needed to land her dream role.

Sharon has now secured full-time, remote employment as a marketing coordinator at Cigna. RiseKit also connected her to its community partners to help improve her overall financial situation.

Marcus Robinson

Working with RiseKit’s Career Navigator gave Marcus Robinson hope. As a justice-involved young adult, he felt defeated because many companies would not hire him due to his background. RiseKit helped Marcus update his resume and introduced him to various resources and training opportunities to help him become more competitive and secure and maintain gainful employment. He is now applying for a paid training program that focuses on computer-animated design, robotics, and welding.

Marcus said that he appreciates the one-on-one assistance from RiseKit and that the company invests in—and believes in—people like him.

Randy Kendricks

Randy Kendricks was frustrated over where he was in his job search. As a returning citizen, he was turned down for several jobs and had limits on where he could go and live. Thanks to his work with RiseKit’s Career Navigator, he has now secured full-time employment at a livable wage and is well on his way to financial independence. He is also saving up for his own apartment.

Ariana Herrera

Ariana Herrera was working as a paralegal and in desperate need of a career change. She partnered with RiseKit’s Career Navigator to update her resume and highlight how her paralegal skill set can be applied to other industries. RiseKit also held mock interviews to help Ariana articulate how her legal skills could translate over into education. Ariana received a full-time job offer from Chicago Public Schools and is working as a teacher’s aide.

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