We allow your entire ecosystem of Community Organizations (Workforce Programs, Supportive Services, Schools) and Employers to collaborate to increase economic mobility of under-resourced jobseekers.

Equip your grantees who provide employment-related services with the tools to grow their
programs to new levels

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The four challenges grantmakers face when helping under-resorced communities.

Figuring out where to start. It feels like we have one planning session which leads to another session
Innovating programs to empower under-resourced job seekers from the bottom-up
Closing the feedback loop between employers and community organizations to efficiently remove barriers to employment during the job application process
Providing ideas often feels as if I am micro-managing community organizations

Break down the Silos

  • Invite your community organization partners and employer partners

  • Have RiseKit implement and train organizations on how to use the platform

  • Launch and grow economic mobility initiatives while increasing employer and corporate partner hiring across under-resourced communities

Candidate Pathway History
Oranization Dashboards

Work with RiseKit to launch or grow upskilling and career pathways alongside corporate partners and community organizations

  • Leverage RiseKit’s customer success and community organizing team to implement, test, and grow a bottom-up approach

  • Learn from or work with RiseKit on best recruiting practices to gain more awareness of your initiatives

  • Provide real-time solutions to address barriers to employment

Build and grow a reporting dashboard to learn what is working and not

  • Work with RiseKit’s team to build a reporting dashboard to utilize data

  • Use data to create real-time solutions to help people in poverty

  • Filter by target populations to help your city and community move the needle on complex problems

Workforce First Fund
True Collaboration
More Employment Partners
Economic Mobility Outcomes

What communities can RiseKit support?

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College & High School Alumni
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Second Chance Candidates
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Homeless Candidates
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Head Start Families
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Refugee & Immigrants
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Opportunity Youth
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Disability Inclusion
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Rising Foundation Partners

The Chicago Community Trust
Stand Together Foundation
Breaking the cycle of poverty in America by supporting community-based catalysts for social change, helping people in poverty across the country transform their lives.

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