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RiseKit works with the following Goverment Departments: 

Human Services, Jails/Prisons, Workforce & Economic Development, Housing, States Attorney, Aviation, Police, Mayoral, County and State Departments

RiseKit helps connect your constituent easily access the jobs, training, and support they need to navigate their employment journey.

See It In Action

Digitize the pathway to financial security in your community.

Increase the transparency and impact of taxpayer’s funds by digitizing constituents’ complete journey through the local workforce system.

Custom Pathways
Custom Surveys
Technical Assistance
Insights & Analytics
More Employment Partners

Centralized connection point for your residents

Make it easier for constituents to discover, access, and realize the value of government investment and workforce services with personal Career Navigators.

Jobs Training & Resource Opportunities
Personalized Career Navigation
Cross-sector collaboration and communication
Cross Platform Network/Organization Program Link Sharing
Increase access to job opportunities

A strengthened workforce community

Improve how government agencies and workforce systems collaborate to reskill and upskill people to meet the needs of local employers with actionable labor market insights.

Tracked Mobile Friendly Program Sharing Links
Case Notes

Who are some of RiseKit’s Overlooked Jobseekers?

Hover each section to see some of our current partners

Click each section to see some of our current partners.

College & High School Alumni
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Second Chance Candidates
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Homeless Candidates
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Head Start Families
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Refugee & Immigrants
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Opportunity Youth
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Violence Prevention Candidates
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Your Service Before RiseKit...

Your Service After RiseKit.

The Workforce Community Platform

Right now, delegates have information distributed through spreadsheets and mass emails. If I get one more mass email, I may scream. We need a way to share all these job leads and recruiting flier needs in one place, while getting help to find more employer partners.

Have a tool specifically designed to get our families to do exactly what we need to do and a service that is intentional and pushing people to use the available resources—taking advantage of the workforce solutions.

Rising Local Government Partners

Kane County Sheriffs Office
City Of Chicago

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