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Rise with RiseKit

Learn from thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and inspiring stories that have rose to the top of their career, industry or situation.

RiseKit is a network of innovative job seekers, entrepreneurs, community organizations, corporations, foundations, governments, consultants,
and channel partners.

Who can attend or watch?

Everyone can attend or watch, but our users, customers, channel partners get special access, awards, gifts and recognition.

Our goal is to connect our community of innovators to share best practices, provide networking opportunities during our webinars, and learn from one another.

Learn from our Inclusion Network

Mental Health is Part of DEI



CHICAGO—Today, technology company RiseKit announced that it is now offering mental health services to its Chicago users. With depression at an all-time high due to the coronavirus pandemic and job seekers’ morale at an all-time low, these services will now be available during a critical time in the U.S. Keywords: Inclusion, Mental Health, DEI, Barriers to Employment, Social Impact

Elevating DEI Programs & Beyond in 2023 – Virtual Roundtable Event 2/24/2023



In this Virtual Roundtable, Douglas Brown is joined by a group of passionate DEI strategists to discuss how we can embrace DEI programs and foster a sense of belonging and equity in the workplace.

Increasing Economic Mobility with Innovative Foundations



How foundations and grantmakers are going above and beyond to increase social capital, diversity equity and inclusion, and collaboration.

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Want to join RiseKit’s Inclusion Network of partners?

RiseKit’s inclusion network consists of inclusive Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), CRMs, Case Management Softwares, Governments, Foundations, Diversity Inclusion Consultants, Nonprofit Partners, Staffing Firms, and Energy Efficiency Consultants.

Halo Consulting
Mulder Consulting
Erthe Energy
Illinois Equity Staffing

What are the benefits of being an RK Inclusion Network Partner?

  • Be part of a community and attend events

  • Provide more offerings for customers & increase revenues

  • Differentiate your organization when bidding on large contracts and proposals

  • Co-create and share thought leadership content since you are tired of the status quo of how the current system under-resourced job seekers

Advisors of RiseKit's Inclusion Network