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RiseKit helps community partners, schools, training partners and service providers find more employers, while saving time automating data entry.

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"Part of working with a group like RiseKit was being able to reach candidates who might not have thought about a company like ours before."

Mindi Knebel, CEO, Kaizen Health

“It’s my snapshot of the employment world in our community—from a client perspective and a corporate job perspective.”

Karen Spicer, Director of Job Access, Community Council of Greater Dallas

“RiseKit is the software engine that makes all of this work.”

— Judy Dawson, Director of Administration, Kane County Sheriff’s Office

"RiseKit is such a practical, innovative solution to help reduce poverty."

— Tiffanie Grier, Program Officer, Assisi Foundation

"For pursuing a sustainable career, RiseKit is 'the best first step for every person in Chicago.'"

— Kyle, Center of Halsted, Silver Fork Program

Self Sufficiency, Job Developer & Employer Collaboration Tools

Increased connections

Enable participants to be more self-sufficient while providing timely support with a mobile-first communication system with mass and 1-1 client communications and notifications to nudge your participants along their journey.

Mass Messaging Tool
CLient Dashboard
User Notes
Tracked REsource Links
Find More Employer Partners

Easily connect participants with resources, job training, and job opportunities.

You know your participant’s needs; now, you can easily find, share, and track referrals to current partners and new partners who are part of local RiseKit networks.

Referral Manager
REsource Link Database
Mobile Friendly Link Sharing

Ready to Scale Your Impact? 

A consistent career readiness experience for your clients

Ensure a consistent and impactful experience for participants regardless of who they interact with at your organization.

Pathway Manager
Resource Link Database
Career Navigator
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Keep program teams focused on mission work while staying compliant with grants.

Identify improvement to programs based on where clients are getting stuck or struggling and whether programs impact employment-related participants’ confidence in their ability to achieve career goals.

360 Candidate Pathway View
Customizable reporting
Pathway Report Outcomes

Who are some of RiseKit’s Overlooked Jobseekers?

Hover each section to see some of our current partners

Click each section to see some of our current partners.

College & High School Alumni
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Second Chance Candidates
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Homeless Candidates
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Head Start Families
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Refugee & Immigrants
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Opportunity Youth
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Violence Prevention Candidates
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A Better Path To Employment

Your Service Before RiseKit...

Your Service After RiseKit.

The Workforce Community Platform

We were in the dark trying to find what jobs our participants were applying to.

We have grown so much - and COVID - has driven us to expand our programs - which is leading us to really think more.

Our program team calls 100 participants a week and we need a tool to help automate some of this, and track activities 

Rising Community Partners, Schools, Workforce Programs & Service Providers

All Chicago For The Homeless
Noble Schools
Of Color, Inc
We believe people of all colors can be leaders in their own lives when given the proper resources to enhance their own economic and education goals.
AIDS Foundation Of Chicago
The Safe and Sound Return Partnership (SSRP) is a three-year program that will help coordinate services for returning citizens living with HIV and AIDS. SSRP will leverage the existing infrastructure of AFC’s Correction Program, which has partners within the Cermak Health Services/Cook County Jail, Cook County’s public health system while strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new collaborations.
Community Council of Greater Dallas
Defy Ventures
Defy’s entrepreneurial programs equip formally incarcerated individuals with new skills, new connections, and a new belief to match their new purpose, and succeed in their new life of economic independence. Their vision is to cut recidivism in half by leveraging entrepreneurship to increase economic opportunities + transform lives.

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